Residential Program

Horizon Health and Wellness operates three Level II 24-hour supervised residential programs which service individuals who are classified seriously mentally illl (SMI). In Pinal county (Casa Grande) there is a nine-bed group home for men. In Gila county (Globe) there is a ten-bed coed facility. Criteria for entrance into the program include; 1) medical necessity for 24-hour supervision, 2) medical stability, and 3) psychiatric stability. Participants in the program receive transportation, case management, and psychiatric services.

Individuals in the program attend the therapeutic day treatment program for six hours a day on weekdays. There participants attend groups and enjoy socialization and recreational opportunities. While residing in the group home, participants are expected to learn and demonstrate appropriate independent living skills. Medications are stored and monitored by staff members. Participants are expected to ask for medications at the appropriate time. Individual and group therapy occurs at each facility and is provided by a qualified behavioral health professional. The goal for most participants is to eventually require a less restrictive environment and less intensive services.

Participants go on outings and activities in the community. Participants may earn passes into the community based on their behavior and stability. Participants are encouraged to actively participte in designing their treatment goals and objectives.