Horizon House

The establishment of Horizon House impacts participants receiving services in Horizon Health and Wellness housing program. Horizon House is a wellness recovery center dedicated to the empowerment, education and integration of participants back into the community. We added the use of peer support to all those in permanent and transitional housing. The support from those who have been there or have gone through this transition, their role has made a significant impact in program success. Peer Support Specialists can discuss personal experiences (share their stories) on how they overcame issues while acclimating back into the community. The design of Horizon House is to support those individuals and families completing traditional treatment programs but find themselves still in need of minimal support to prevent them from relapsing and becoming homeless which could lead to losing all that they have gained.

The program incorporates the use of Peer Support Services, Vocational Services, extended Housing Supports, natural supports and coordination of community based services outside of Behavioral Health to decrease the dependency on others and become more self-sufficient. Basic services provided by staff to assist these participants include filing for benefits, obtaining medications and/or counseling, finding employment, initiating support around deficits in their living skills, and assisting them with health issues that have affected their stability in the community.