Community Housing

Horizon Health and Wellness obtained housing funds through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Arizona Department of Housing to develop a Community Housing program. Six homes were purchased throughout the City of Casa Grande to serve up to 12 homeless individuals with a SMI and/or Substance Abuse diagnosis. The Agency rents the homes to the individuals based on a percentage of income as determined by HUD guidelines. Community Housing is less restrictive than a 24-hour Supervised Residential setting and is designed to offer a longer-term solution than Transitional Housing. Typical candidates for the program are capable of living in the community, but need community-based supports to deal with their disabilities and transition effectively from a homeless situation.

Horizon Health and Wellness has a Housing Specialist that coordinates efforts in locating and securing necessary housing so that other problem areas can be addressed that would otherwise be ignored because of their homeless lifestyle (food, shelter, and clothing). Barriers such as completing housing applications, assistance in applying for deposits and/or first month’s rent, and identifying available units with their established incomes represent a sampling of the services Horizon staff provide in order to assist participants obtain permanent housing.

To qualify for the Horizon Health and Wellness Community Housing program individuals must be: certified homeless under HUD guidelines, diagnosed as Seriously Mentally Ill and/or Substance Abuser, deemed appropriate by their case manager or therapist, have a source of income or be actively working toward obtaining a source of income.