Assisted Living

Horizon Health and Wellness has created a haven to give you and your loved ones the honor and respect you deserve. At Horizon you will live your golden years with dignity.

Our VISION: To give individuals a peaceful home, loving care during the senior years of life and find comfort and tranquility in a nurturing and active environment.

Our MISSION: To create a home with an environment that will promote dignity, independence, self determination, privacy, choice, and protect the rights of all its residents with the utmost ethics.

What You Can Expect Horizon provides care of the highest standards. You or your loved one can expect to be treated with love, respect and dignity. At Sunshine Assisted Living Home you are family. Our warm and caring staff is here 24 hours a day to assist you feel safe, secure and loved.

Our home will be your home, where you will be able to continue to develop your particular interests. Whether it is gardening, crafts, music or writing. We will offer you activities which are stimulating to your mind and body to help you maintain health and flexibility.

We will work with you to develop a plan of activities which will best suit your needs and desires. Your family will be welcome to visit, and join you in fun and joyful moments. Our caring staff will attend to your particular needs; arrange transportation to doctor’s visits, and cultural activities.

At Sunshine Home everyone is cared for as an individual with different needs, likes and wants. We believe that when people are peaceful, content and feel safe, they remain healthy. And when they are, listened to, talked to, given love, served healthy meals, and protected every day, they will feel at home.

To schedule a visit or if you have any questions about placing someone you love at our home please contact: 480-491-1679